Mysteries of the Unseen World

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As educational films go, National Geographic’s new IMAX 3D film Mysteries of the Unseen World is one I would have loved to have seen as a grade school kid. Now playing at the Johnson IMAX theater at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Mysteries of the Unseen World aims to show its audiences the various forms of light and life that exist outside our viewing spectrum. It takes us from the macro to the micro and even further using all manner of photographic techniques, and it’s a stirring experience for both young and old.

UNSEEN-WORLD-3D-HThe Smithsonian Institute’s press release:
MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD uses infrared, microscopic, scanning electron microscope, high-speed, and time-lapse footage to show stunning imagery from beyond our field of vision. From the microscopic organisms that inhabit the human body to the secret lives of insects and the miraculous athleticism of animals, all the way to nano-scale structures, MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD shines a spotlight on objects and events that escape
the naked eye every minute of every day.

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