Oscar Nomination Review (and Top 20 of 2015)

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Here’s a quick Top 20 list to supplement my End-of-Year Review. But first, some brief thoughts on Thursday’s Oscar nominees (Full List Here):

Opinion: As for period dramas, “Carol” should have taken the “Brooklyn” slot; “The Revenant” and “The Big Short” absolutely, one hundred percent, belong on that list (both in my Top 5); an unbelievable 8 nominations for “Mad Max: Fury Road” shows the Academy might be evolving, though the omission of Idris Elba for Best Supporting in “Beasts of No Nation”, suggests otherwise; “Room” is overrated, though Brie Larson does deserve her Best Actress nomination. I would have rather seen “I Smile Back” in there, and think Sarah Silverman earned every bit of a Best Actress win.  “The Martian” and “Spotlight” are both great movies, and deserve their respective screenplay nods–maybe Damon for Best Actor and Ridley Scott for Best Director–but I don’t think they’re necessarily Best Picture material. “Bridge of Spies” is not Spielberg’s best, though a solid picture, and I won’t contest its Original Screenplay recognition. It would have been nice to see “Sicario”, in there—at least it got picked up for Score and Cinematography. I don’t understand all the attention for “Mustang” as Best Foreign Language Film; “Son of Saul”, however, I get, and I think it’s going to bring home the statue. (My favorite in that category is far too obscure to receive such honors). It’s no surprise that “Amy” was nominated for Best Documentary–I don’t think it’s nearly as deserving as its competition, “Cartel Land”, and I would really have loved to have seen the incredible“Meru” get some attention there. Finally, “Inside Out” is a shoe in for Best Animated, but I thought “The Good Dinosaur” should have been in there along side “Shaun the Sheep”, while the appeal of “Anomalisa”  still eludes me.

My Top 20 Films of 2015

  • #20 “The Martian”
  • #19 “Southpaw”
  • #18 “Spring”
  • #17 “The Gift”
  • #16 “Cartel Land”
  • #15 “A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence”
  • #14 “Creep”
  • #13 “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  • #12 “I Smile Back”
  • #11 “While We’re Young”
  • #10 “Youth”
  • #9 “Predestination”
  • #8 “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”
  • #7 “Beasts of No Nation”
  • #6 “99 Homes”
  • #5 “The Big Short”
  • #4 “Sicario”
  • #3 “Meru”
  • #2 “Carol”
  • #1 “The Revenant”


— M. Parsons

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